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Below are a few favorite C2 norns.  I beleive most of them are mine,   but I've probably got hundreds of zipped up norns on my hard drive and I can't possibly remember where I got every single one.  So if you see one of your norns here and want it removed, or to be credited for it, please email me.

To view the Kai, Mernorn, or Scorpio Norns correctly, you need to download the sprites at: Adventures in Nornsitting

To view the Cat Norns you need to download the sprites at:  Cat Norns

To view the Dale Norns, Pyrite Grendels, Dusky Grendels, or Santa Norns (Converted from other versions of creatures games) download the sprites at: Sprite Exchange

To view Butterfly Norns, or Tiki Norns download the sprites at:  Creatures 2 Mania

To view the Frog Norns or the Golden Desert Norns, you need to download the sprites at:  The Creatures Mall

Just a tip to all frog norn owners out there.  Once you have injected the frog spawn and one of your norns have kissed the critter to make the frog norn, all you have to do to remove it's boundaries are to remove the frog spawn.  As soon as you do this, the critters disappear from the pond, and any frog norns that are already in existance can move around albia freely.

Elliot.jpg (4543 bytes)   This is Elliot.  He's one minute old and feeling frisky!


EmilyBaby.jpg (4240 bytes)  This is Emily.  She is my favorite C2 norn.  She's very friendly, great breeder, and loves to teach other norns their words.


Sally.jpg (4236 bytes)   This is Sally.  She is my second favorite.  She is a baby in the zip file, and will never age unless you force age her.  She is the result of a splicing between Emily and a never aging emerald norn.  Her personality is very similar to Emily's.


Georgie.jpg (4528 bytes)  This is Georgie.  He's a C1/C2 crossbreed and he loves to smile.


Jessica.jpg (4620 bytes)  This is Jessica.  It looks like she's a Golden Desert/Emerald/Scorpio/Ettin crossbreed.


Kelsie.jpg (3537 bytes)   This is Kelsie.  I don't remember much about her, I just thought she was pretty.


Mittens.jpg (4329 bytes)  This is Mittens.  She's a happy C1/Kai crossbreed.


Ned.jpg (4632 bytes)   This is Ned.  He is about 7 hours old in this picture, as well as in the file.


Polly.jpg (4192 bytes)   This is Polly.  She is from a natural birth.  I have no idea how this happened.


Robin.jpg (4555 bytes)   This is Robin.  He's the first Scorpio crossbreed that was successfully bred with a tail as well as the claws.


Simon.jpg (3584 bytes)   This is Simon.  I thought he was a nice change from the normal mernorn colors.   He's an adult in the file, so you better get him to water quickly.


Skittles.jpg (4568 bytes)  This is Skittles.  She may look like an ettin, but she's really a norn.


SparklettChild.jpg (5306 bytes)  This is Sparklett.  She is an acid mernorn.  When she reaches the proper age, she will grow fins, but don't put her in the water or she'll drown!


Tadpole.jpg (3857 bytes)  This is Tadpole.  He/She (I don't remember!), is crossbred with a regular norn, so he/she can roam all over albia without turning into a frog and dying.


Tinkerbell.jpg (4318 bytes)  This is Tinkerbell.  She's a cat norn!


Wes.jpg (4429 bytes)   This is Wes.  He's a Scorpio/Frog norn.


Ziggy.jpg (4239 bytes)   This is Ziggy.  He's another norn that looks like an ettin.

Sam2.bmp (51660 bytes)Sam.bmp (50874 bytes) This is Sam, shown in both his baby form and adult form.  He's a Dale/Mernorn, that can't breathe underwater.  You will need both the Dale Sprites (for C2) and the Mernorn sprites.

Mutterfly.bmp (50814 bytes)  This is Mutterfly.  He's a cross between a Dale Norn, and a Lyca Norn.  I have no idea how he got the wings from the Butterfly Norns!

Marina.bmp (50814 bytes)  This is Marina.  She is a cross between grendel and scorpio.  She is classified as a norn.

Cheer.bmp (50454 bytes)   This is Cheer.  She is a cross between Lyca, Dale, and Santa Norns! 

Coconut.jpg (3011 bytes)  This is Coconut.  She is a cross between Lyca Norn and Tiki Norn.  I think she is one of the most beautiful norns I've seen in a while.  Unfortunately, she is a child of the mind and just lies in one spot staring at herself until she starves to death.  If anyone knows how to help her, let me know!

Any comments or questions?