Lyca Norns


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I've been trying to get my server changed for a while now, but I'm not getting any response.  Here at Tripod, they seem to have problem supporting a download the size of the Lyca Norns.  I have reserved space at Driveway, and you can follow the link to download the Lyca's there.  Hopefully that will work.   If not, please email me to let me know.

When you get to driveway, it will ask you for the username and password.  Enter nornastasia for both and it should give you access.

The Lyca Norns available for download here are for slot P.  If you have other norn breeds in this slot, you can go to Sprite Exchange and download for slot Z. 

Lysandra.jpg (2783 bytes)Click here to download the Lyca Norns!Reverdin.jpg (3046 bytes)

Coconut.jpg (3011 bytes)

Any questions or comments?