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Okay, here's some C1 norns.  Many of them are mine, but many are probably downloaded from around the web.  Unfortunately, I'm only positive about the origin of a few, so if you see one of your norns here and either want it removed or to have your name posted please email me.

To view the Trek Norns correctly, you need to download the sprites at:   Haunted Creatures Shack

To view the Purple Mountain Norns correctly, you need to download the sprites at:  Creatures Homepage

Max.jpg (4082 bytes)   This is Max.  He's a festive green and red.


Anastasia.gif (15170 bytes) This is Anastasia.  She's pregnant in this file.


Anya.gif (13480 bytes)   This is Anya.  She's always happy to stop and smile for the camera.


Bailey.gif (14908 bytes)   This is Bailey.  He's a sweet little norn and a good breeder when he gets older.


Buttercup.gif (12664 bytes)  This is Buttercup.  I know this one isn't mine.  I got her from the same place I got Enya.  They are both C1 favorites on mine.


Enya.jpg (4223 bytes)   This is Enya.  My other C1 favorite.


Charity.gif (11816 bytes)  This is Charity.  She's happy in this picture because she's just mastered the concept of using the door.


Corrine.jpg (4723 bytes)  This is Corrine.  She is part Trek Norn.


Diane.jpg (5887 bytes)   This is Diane.  She laid this egg seconds after I imported her to take this picture.


Jason.gif (14645 bytes)   This is Jason.  I don't remember alot about him.  I just thought he was cute.


Pongo.gif (14007 bytes)   This is Pongo.  He's a mixed breed Santa.


Tara.jpg (4856 bytes)   This is Tara.  When I imported her for this picture she just kept running back and forth grinning at the camera. 


Tom.jpg (3953 bytes)   This is Tom, just taking a moment to warm his hands by the fire.


Violet.jpg (6086 bytes)   This is Violet.  I think you can guess how she got her name.


Wendy.jpg (4833 bytes)   This is Wendy.  She's another mixed breed norn that's happy to smile for you.


Yoda.jpg (4077 bytes)   This is Yoda.  He was sent to me by a friend of mine.


Kiara.gif (15348 bytes)   This is Kiara.  She's sweet and an excellent breeder, but not too bright.


Any questions or comments?