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Here are a few of my C3 norns to download.   As you can probably tell, the Bengal Norns are my favorite :)

To view the Dale Norns correctly, you need to download the sprites at: The Norn Request


Licorice.gif (21871 bytes) This is licorice.  She's a sweet little mixed breed norn, and was the first norn I had that proclaimed her love for another norn!

Bethany.gif (15083 bytes) This is Bethany.  She goes through several color changes in her life.  As a baby she was bright pink, but unfortunately I didn't zip her until she got a little older.

Crayon.gif (9163 bytes)Crayon2.gif (21648 bytes) Both of these norns are named Crayon.  I meant to zip up the little blue one, but when I went to zip her up, I saw I had two norns by the same name and just zipped them both.  You will need the Dale Norn sprites to view the deep blue color.

Leela.gif (12771 bytes) This is Leela.  One of my first coloured norns.   She is Licorice's mom.

Mark.gif (19523 bytes) This is Mark.  As you can see, he's a very happy norn.  He also goes through several color changes over his lifetime.

Michael.gif (7878 bytes) This is Michael.  He's just a cute colorful little tiger.

Skittles.gif (20351 bytes) This is Skittles.  She is a lovely violet color, and knows all her words.

Tigress.gif (10681 bytes) This is Tigress.  She is my first C3 Tiger norn.


Any comments or questions?