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Here are some new norns for C1.  Some of these probably aren't mine, but it's been a long time since I was downloading C1 norns, so I'm not really sure which are mine and which aren't.  So if you see a norn of yours here and you want it removed, please let me know.

To view the Trek Norns you need to download the sprites at: Creatures Shack

To view the Purple Mountain Norns you need to purchase the life kit at:

The Creatures Mall.


Anastasia.gif (15170 bytes) This is Anastasia.  She's a very sweet norn and has given birth to many children.   She is pregnant in this file.

Anya.gif (13480 bytes) This is Anya.   She's a sweet little thing that loves to run around and smile at you.

Bailey.gif (14908 bytes) This is Bailey.  I just think he's adorable!

Corrine.jpg (4723 bytes) This is Corrine.  She is part Trek Norn.

Charity.gif (11816 bytes) This is Charity.  She's always ready to smile for you.

Buttercup.gif (12664 bytes) This is Buttercup.  She is one of my favorite norns.

Enya.jpg (4223 bytes) This is Enya.   She is also one of my favorites.

Diane.jpg (5887 bytes) This is Diane.  She's part Forest Norn, part Ron Norn.  She is pregnant in this file, and gave birth to her egg when I imported her to take the picture.

Jason.gif (14645 bytes) This is Jason.  He's very sweet and well behaved.

Kiara.gif (15348 bytes) This is Kiara.  She's not very bright, but she's sweet.  And an excellent breeder.

Max.jpg (4082 bytes) This is Max.   He's very festive!

Pongo.gif (14007 bytes) This is Pongo.  He's a mostly Santa Norn!

Tara.jpg (4856 bytes) This is Tara.   She's very sweet.

Tom.jpg (3953 bytes) This is Tom.   He's just taking a moment to warm his hands by the fire in Darwinia.

Violet.jpg (6086 bytes)   This is Violet.  I think it's obvious how she got her name.

Wendy.jpg (4833 bytes) This is Wendy.  As you can see, she's very happy.

Yoda.jpg (4077 bytes) This is Yoda.   He was sent to me by a friend of mine, and I thought he was very cute.


Any questions or comments?