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JeffGhost.bmp (50454 bytes)

Below you will find some new norns to inhabit your albia.  I beleive all these norns are my own, but I'm not absolutely positive about every single one.  If you see one of your norns posted here and want it removed, or to be credited for it, please let me know.

To view the Kai, Mernorn,  and Scorpio Norns correctly you need to download the sprites here:  Adventures in Nornsitting

To view the Frog Norns, or the Golden Dessert Norns correctly you need to purchase the life kits at:  The Creatures Mall

To view the Cat Norns correctly you need to download the sprites at:  Cat Norns


EmilyBaby.jpg (4240 bytes) This is Emily.  She is my favorite C2 norn.  She's rarely angry, a wonderful breeder, and I have often seen her teaching younger norns.

Sally.jpg (4236 bytes) This is Sally.  She's the result of a genetic splicing between Emily and a never aging emerald norn.  She's a baby in the file, but is about 7 hours in this picture.

SparklettChild.jpg (5306 bytes) This is Sparklett.  She is an acid mernorn.  When she gets old enough she will grow a mernorns tail, but don't put her in water or she'll drown!

Elliot.jpg (4543 bytes) This is Elliot.  He's young and frisky!

Simon.jpg (3584 bytes) This is Simon.  I thought he was a nice change from the more common mernorn colors.   He's an adult in this file, so you'll need to get him to water quickly!

Kelsie.jpg (3537 bytes) This is Kelsie.  I thought she was a nice color :)

Jessica.jpg (4620 bytes) This is Jessica.  She's a mix between a golden dessert norn, an ettin, and a scorpio norn.

Georgie.jpg (4528 bytes) This is Georgie.  He's a mix between a C1 and a C2 norn.  He's very friendly and loves to smile.

Mittens.jpg (4329 bytes) This is Mittens.  She's part Kai and part C1 norn.

Ned.jpg (4632 bytes) This is Ned.   He's about 7 hours old in this picture as well as in the file.  He will never grow beyond the baby stage unless you force age him.

Polly.jpg (4192 bytes) This is Polly.  She is from a natural birth.  I have no idea how she got a Boney Grendels body.

Robin.jpg (4555 bytes) This is Robin.  He's a mixed breed Scorpio norn.

Skittles.jpg (4568 bytes) This is Skittles.  She looks like an ettin, but she's really a norn!

Tadpole.jpg (3857 bytes) This is Tadpole.  He's a mix between a frog norn and a normal norn, so he is able to roam albia freely.

Tinkerbell.jpg (4318 bytes) This is Tinkerbell.  She's a cat norn!

Wes.jpg (4429 bytes) This is Wes.   He's a cross between a scorpio and a frog norn.

Ziggy.jpg (4239 bytes) This is Ziggy.  He looks like like an ettin, but is actually a norn.

Ambrosia.bmp (51237 bytes) This is Ambrosia.  You will need the butterfly norn sprites and the scorpio sprites to view her.

Belle.bmp (51660 bytes) This is Belle.  I thought she was different :)

Jeremy.bmp (51237 bytes) This is Jeremy.  He's very happily bored.

Rainbow.bmp (50874 bytes) This is Rainbow.  I love those mixed breed norns.

Vespa.bmp (50454 bytes) This is Vespa.  She's a happy little thing.


Any questions or comments?