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Here are a few links to some cool sites out there!

CRL  This is a cool site with lots of links to most of  the available C2 breeds out there.  You can download the Pegasus Norns and Ettins there!

Creatures 2 Obession This site is one of the most creative sites I've seen yet!  It's got all the usual stuff, but it also has Creatures Themes, Screensavers, Postcards, and even a section with animated creatures for use on your own site.  Definately worth checking out!

Creatures Resource List This is a cool site with frequent updates and lots of info on all the different norn breeds available.

Mr nStuff's C2 Cobs This site is entirely made up of COBs created by Mr nStuff.  Very useful items are posted here!

The Lost Laboratories of the Shee Visit the site with the soon to be Tiger Norns!

Albia 2000 This is a very professional looking site with sections on C1, C2, C3, and CA!  Check out their latest project Montu!  An entirely new world for C2 with new species of norns.   Montu should be available for sale in the Creatures Mall soon!

Shadows of Albia Visit the site with the soon to be Wizard Norns!

Monikas Creatures This is a cool site with C1 and C2 stuff available in both English and Dutch.  Don't forget to download Darwinia a new world for C1!