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None of these COBs are mine.  I have given credit to those that I remember where I downloaded the COBs from.  If you see one of your COBs here and either want it removed, or to be given credit for it, please email me.


AcimaAlbia        This adds an area over albia for your norns to roam around in.  I beleive this was created                               by Mannkind.

BunchStuff           This is a cool set of COBs created by Mr nStuff.  It is several COBs in one, including a                                COB that remove gravity!

DeathlessSplicer  This alters the genetic splicing machine so it doesn't kill the host subjects.

Desert-Incubator Lift   This adds a platform over the little pond by the incubator with an elevator to the                                   desert above.

HoloDocFULL    This is a helpful device that will watch over your norns and keep them healthy, created by                                 Mr nStuff.

OceanBridges    This puts bridges over both oceans keeping your norns from falling in.

Volcano_Garden This turns your volcano into a beautiful radiation free garden.

VolkWalk               This alters the volcano wall next to the island of love so your creatures can pass through.

Wacky Eggs         This is a set of vendors that dispenses wacky eggs.  Your norns will love them                                 guaranteed!   Created by Mr nStuff.

Any comments or questions?