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I'll start off by saying, that none of these COBs are my own creation.   I have no idea how to make them!  I will give credit if I know where I got them.  If you see one of your COBs here and either want it removed, or to be credited for it, just email me.


Beanie Vendor  This is the Beanie Baby Vendor with all sets of sprites included.

All 6 Eggs            This is a COB that lets you inject all 6 hatchery eggs at the same time


Erin Beanie         This is the Green Beanie Bear Erin.  It's not included with the vendors.


Ferris Wheel        This is a cool Ferris Wheel for your norns to ride in that will appear in the garden.


Musicbox             This has got to be my favorite COB.  It's a cute little music box with a revolving fox norn on                                 top that plays 'My Heart Will Go On'  This COB was created by Steerpike.


Any comments or questions?