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Below you will find some of my favorite COBs.  None of these are my own, and credit is given where possible.  I download so many creatures items from the web, that I can't remember where I got half of it from.  So if you see something of yours here and either want it removed, or to be credited for it, just let me know.


BunchStuff This is a cool COB by Mr nStuff.  It's several COBs in one, including one that removes gravity and lets all your creatures fly!
Ocean Bridges This COB removes the boats from the oceans and puts bridges over them for easier passage .
AcimaAlbia This is an extra area above albia created by Mannkind.
DeathlessSplicer This alters the genetic splicer so it doesn't kill the host  creatures.
HoloDocFULL This is a new version of Holodoc for C2 created by Mr nStuff.  Included in this zip you also get Lucy, a never aging emerald norn.
Desert-Incubator Lift This adds a platform over the pond by the incubator and an extra lift to take you up to the dessert.
Volcano Garden This turns the volcano area into a nice radiation free garden.
Volkwalk This alters the volcano wall next to the island of love so the creatures can pass through it.
Wacky Edible Egg This injects egg vendors into albia.    Norns love to eat these eggs and always have hilarious reactions to them.

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